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contractors' Corner

Contractors' Corner


Thank you for visiting the Contractors' portal for the Council Bluffs Interstate System Improvement Program. This page will help interested contractors locate valuable information regarding current program efforts and upcoming projects.

Iowa DOT is in the process of reconstructing I-80, I-29, and I-480 in the Council Bluffs metropolitan area. This comprehensive interstate redesign will modernize the highway system and improve mobility and safety of approximately 18 miles of interstate. The Iowa DOT is taking on a new programmatic approach that will accelerate delivery of the program improvements and effectively set priorities for construction efforts. The approach provides:

  • Sophisticated project controls.
  • Proactive budget and schedule management.
  • A dedicated team whose sole focus is program delivery.
  • Consistency across construction packages.

The Council Bluffs Interstate System Improvement Program represents commitments from Iowa Division of the Federal Highway Administration and the Iowa DOT. The program uses a tiered approach to project implementation that involves FHWA, DOT, the consultant team and regional construction contractors. This tiered approach will help to improve on the progress made to date. The future success of this program depends on continuing this tiered approach to project implementation.

Council Bluffs Interstate System Improvement Program Organization Chart

Contractor Coordination Meetings