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Future Projects

Construction projects are prioritized based on the highest volume of vehicles and benefits in terms of traffic management, improved safety and increased vehicle capacity in the urban area of the interstate system. The Council Bluffs Interstate System Improvement Program has identified several future projects that are necessary to satisfy the overall mission of the program.

Future projects include construction on I-29 north of the Union Pacific Railroad Bridge to a point just west of 25th Street. Currently, the plans for this project include the I-29/I-480/West Broadway system interchange and interchanges at 41st Street, Avenue G, and Ninth Avenue. A Preferred Alternative was approved in July, 2017 that provides direct access to West Broadway from I-29 via one-way frontage roads as determined in the Tier 1 Final Environmental Impact Statement.

Another future project addressed in the Tier 1 Final EIS is extending I-80 improvements northeast of the Madison Avenue interchange to east of the U.S. 6/Kanesville Boulevard interchange.

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