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Design overview

The Council Bluffs Interstate System Improvement Program is a comprehensive interstate redesign that will modernize the highway system and improve mobility and safety of approximately 18 miles of interstate. It is the single largest project currently in the Iowa DOT's five-year Transportation Improvement Program. The program will be implemented in smaller, manageable projects over time. These projects are prioritized by available funding and most significant impacts to traffic management, safety and vehicle capacity.

The map and video below gives an overview of the program's proposed design. It highlights improvements to pavement and bridges and also shows areas where railroad will be removed and relocated. Descriptions of these projects can be found in the Construction section.

To view information on the map, click on the colored areas or nodes, or zoom-in to view the interstate design. You can also toggle various data layers and the legend by using the tools at the top of the map.

Download Printable Map


Design Overview Video